Myths about sports betting: who invented them and why

Myths about sports betting: who invented them and why

There are many stories on the web about how you can easily get rich on bookmakers’ bets. Let’s find out what these stories are, who makes them up, and why you shouldn’t believe them.

“Cheat the Bookie”

On specialized resources devoted to betting strategies, a special place is occupied by tempting stories, telling how some clever and cunning earned a lot of money by tricking the bookmaker: supposedly there are techniques that allow you to win-win on the bet. For example, cunning “forks” (simultaneous bets on 2 opposite events) are often advertised. You are told how the bookmaker eventually loses money and the “smart” one makes money with impunity, and so on and so forth.

Such fables are specially promoted by “strategy sellers”, and they serve all those paid tipsters who make money on naive beginners well.

Here it is necessary to understand the essence of the bookmaker’s office business. Cheating them is impossible for the simple reason that all cheating strategies (“forks”, “robot programs” and dozens of others) have long been known to any bookmaker as peeled.

Moreover, bookmakers don’t only exist due to somebody’s losses: their main source of income is margin, which is initially put in the odds.

That is, no matter what the outcome of the event, the bookmaker will always remain in profit. The winners are often those who conduct a thorough analysis of each sporting event and its participants.

The Myth of Eternal Winning

Another tale on which many Internet advisers manage to make good money – is the claim that supposedly there is a special no-lose strategy or group of strategies and, having mastered it, you can always be in the “plus”. You are convinced that there is a certain universal methodology for betting on sports. A “professional handicapper” on the thematic site will describe in detail how one and the same strategy supposedly regularly brings him winnings of decent amounts, allowing not to work and to live happily ever after. And do not forget to add that he is even willing to sell you this super-secret for a price tag.

Deceivers often catch gullible novice sports betting fans on this fishing rod. Don’t trust them: there is no such thing as a no-win strategy. Don’t pay those who sell strategies promising you eternal winnings.

“Football is the easiest sport.”

Soccer fans are the backbone of betting fans today, and it is quite understandable: soccer is one of the most spectacular and popular sports. But for some reason beginners consider betting on soccer games, especially in the “live” format (for example, on a goal in the first half and the like) to be the most profitable and easy. This is a common misconception that arises from the frequent broadcasts of soccer games, the constant discussion of them in the sports press and the rich lines on soccer tournaments at bookmakers. Moreover, it’s easy to find all sorts of soccer statistics on the web, broken down by year, country, championship and league, which is not the case with many other sports. All this creates the illusion that you can easily calculate the outcome of the upcoming match and win.

Many people, indeed, genuinely believe that soccer betting is the easiest and most win-win. Like, it is enough to look through the statistics of the past meetings of the teams, identify the leader and on the basis of this analysis safely make a bet.

However, it is not that simple. On the events in the course of the match is influenced by many factors that you might not take into account. Analysis of past matches alone will not guarantee a winning bet. Professionals recommend carefully analyzing the lineups of teams and the potential of each player (and players are often replaced right on the field), the statistics of past meetings of specific squads and what kind of squad will play in each team, main or additional, which players are at risk of not entering the field due to injury, what the weather during the match.

In general, soccer is one of the most unpredictable sports. Anything can play against the favorite team: sudden change of weather, goalkeeper who is not in the best shape, lack of motivation, health problems of a player and more. The coaches’ methodologies, the team’s level of preparation for a particular match, and unexpected free kicks also have an impact. In short, stories that soccer is an “easy” sport to bet on are silly.

The myth of betting on the champion, the favorite and the leader

Another popular misconception often associated with the topic of soccer is that you should only bet on the champion, the best player, or the favorite team. This is not true. Firstly, the odds for such bets bookmakers are not the most attractive. Secondly, champions and favorites also lose. The current status of a team or player is not a clue that you should bet on them, but only part of the information you should gather to make the right decision.

“You don’t have to work at all.”

Closely related to the myth of the enormous sums of winnings is another false thesis, carefully fueled by the providers of paid strategies and forecasts. They loudly announce that they have made a fortune from sports betting and that the money now works for them. “Big sports betting brings me mountains of money, try it like me, and you’ll succeed,” such a “pro” pro pro proclaims. Having read and watched the videos of such especially advanced liars, many people, after the first more or less decent win, quit their job and try to build a career as a trader. And 2-3 successful bets completely blind a man: he already sees a sweet life, expensive mansions, new luxury cars and full financial independence on the horizon.

This is a step towards a dangerous psychological trap that can break a person’s whole life.

The beginner imagines the following algorithm of actions: choose a match – bet a larger sum – amassed a lot of money – you are swimming in money. Alas, there were a lot of stories like that when after winning 50-100 thousand tenge a person thought about quitting his job.

The reality is too harsh for such naive romantics. Constant earnings on winnings, as we have already noted, is only a beautiful myth, skillfully supported by crooks. Yes, betting, indeed, can sometimes be a good additional source of funds, but not the main one. Sports betting fans with experience usually have a permanent place of work, and betting is a hobby for them. For beginners, they recommend to take this hobby seriously, so that it does not turn into an addiction, and bet only on the amounts that are not too shy to lose.