Betting on sports in bitcoins

Betting on sports in bitcoins

The process of watching a match of your favorite team is an exciting event in itself, but any true sports fan will confirm that by betting on a match, you can feel as if you yourself are taking part in it and get the maximum thrill. That is why cryptocurrency sports betting is becoming more and more popular every day, because it is impossible to ignore the advantages of using crypto for betting: anonymity, absence of residence restrictions and instant payments – what sports fan wouldn’t like it? All that remains is to find a reliable site with a bitcoin bookmaker. That is why we have prepared a list of the best sites for betting on sports in cryptocurrency, which, if there are suitable candidates, will be supplemented.

Why is betting on sports for crypto the best option?

Anyone, be it a beginner or a seasoned player, wants to get the most comfortable conditions. Thus, more and more people prefer cryptocurrency as a deposit method for sports betting due to quite objective reasons that are hard to deny:

  1. Using regular currency for deposit is fine, but when it comes to the withdrawal of winnings (which is the main goal, agree) – here the player can face such a problem as unwanted attention from the management of conventional payment systems (bank, PayPal, etc.), which can easily ask about the source of such income. In the case of cryptocurrencies, there is simply no such option, because every owner of a crypto-purse is its sole owner.
  2. Everyone can bet completely anonymously using cryptocurrency. For some people, this does not play a special role and they do not mind providing the online bookmaker with their documents to confirm their identity. In principle, this is not much of a problem nowadays if you deal with a reliable and trusted bookmaker, because the best of them guarantee the highest level of security of user data, but when it comes to playing on a new site – asking for documents may cause suspicion (and it should, because no one wants to send documents to just anyone, especially on the Internet). Bookmakers who work only with cryptocurrencies, in their majority, will not bother the player with a request to provide personal information, except the email for account registration. Thus, one less problem. There are sites that do not even require registration (OneHash, for example) – you can just choose the desired sporting event, send the amount of your bet to a system-generated address (which is unique for each player) and provide your wallet address to receive your winnings in case the bet is played.
  3. Another advantage of cryptocurrency is the speed of transactions. First of all, Bitcoin can be really slow sometimes because of network congestion, although you can use SegWit addresses, transactions at which are almost instantaneous, and second, except Bitcoin there are plenty of other “popular” cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, etc. Using common payment services for withdrawal/deposit, such as bank transfers, PayPal, you can expect anything from a few minutes to several days.
  4. Thanks to stablecoins, if the bookmaker accepts them, crypto-enthusiasts can choose between keeping their balance strictly in cryptocurrency or at a regular currency rate, but still using crypto. Let’s explain: this is possible because the price of stabelcoins (such as Tether, USD Coin, etc.) is always tied to the price of the dollar.

The most popular sports events for betting

Literally every professional sport is available for bitcoin betting, so everyone can find a game to their liking (from American soccer to darts). However, we have put together a little digest of the most popular sporting events for betting using crypto.

  • NFL (American Football). The NFL (National Football League) is the biggest sporting event in the United States, because American soccer is the first most popular sport in the United States. Its popularity is also actively gaining momentum around the world thanks to modern media technology (YouTube, streaming services). Its structure, like that of regular soccer, makes it an ideal sporting event for betting: a regular season followed by playoffs and finals. Bitcoin bookmaker NitrogenSports even runs a special knockout betting tournament called “NFL Survivor Pool,” where players must pick a team each week and, if that team wins, players who bet on it move on to the next round, while those who are wrong go out with a bang. The one who stayed last with a perfect series takes all the money (there are pools with different entry fees, from free to 1 BTC). In terms of concept somewhat reminiscent of the computer games Fortnite and PUBG.
  • Wimbledon (tennis)
  • NBA (basketball)
  • NHL (hockey)
  • FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga (soccer)
  • UFC (mixed martial arts). A relatively young discipline, but its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds since the legendary fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, on October 6, 2018. About two million people around the world watched the fight through online streaming services alone! By the way, there might be a rematch between Conor and Khabib, so it’s worth keeping your bitcoin wallets ready.

There is another discipline, which deserves a separate mention – cyber sports. It has long been recognized as a full-fledged sport, winning the hearts of millions of fans around the world and its popularity continues to grow day by day. Games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends are the brightest representatives of the industry. Thus, it is quite expected that most bitcoin bookmakers accept bets on cyber sports.

About Bitcoin games

The emergence of Bitcoin was revolutionary for the online gambling industry as it took features such as anonymity and public accessibility to a new level. Along with altcoins, Bitcoin provides the benefits of blockchain technology to online casino players around the world. Now you don’t have to worry about third parties interfering with your finances – only you and the casino are in the game. Total anonymity is also possible in the era of cryptocurrencies. Due to constant growth of demand and popularity new crypto casinos are opening every day.