Basic Knowledge of Strength Training

Basic Knowledge of Strength Training

Athletic trainer advises each athlete on different training methods based on condition.

Actual Training

Here let’s take a look at the actual content of the training that an athletic trainer does.

Strength Training.

I think everyone knows strength training. Also called “muscle training” or “weight training” for short, this is one method of training that focuses on strengthening muscles by using heavy objects such as dumbbells and barbells and applying loads to the muscles. Strength training is mainly done by athletes, but it can also be done by those who want to build muscle mass, for health and beauty, or for dietary purposes to reduce fat deposits.
What you need for strength training is not just to increase the amount of exertion, but also to rest and diet. As for the exercises, the method of exercise, location, method, etc. will vary depending on how you build your muscles. However, if you do it too much, it will have the opposite effect, so you need to be careful. So a sports trainer will recommend the amount of exercise you need and make your own menu.

As far as nutrition is concerned, we consume the nutrients our body needs, as well as protein, etc., just as we consume the protein we need to build muscle. Even if you are on a diet and have dietary restrictions, it will be difficult for you to build muscle mass if you don’t take in protein. For these people, try to avoid fats (oils) and consume protein (increasing muscle strength also improves metabolism).

Rest is due to the nature of gaining muscle mass. Muscles are increased by what is called supercompensation. It is said that this supercompensation recovers and develops during rest, so the body needs sufficient rest.

By the way, they say that when taking protein for strength training, it is even more effective if you take it immediately after training or before going to bed. The job of the athletic trainer is to advise a workout menu that is appropriate for the individual and to help with calories and rest.

Training Content.

Strength training is mainly about strengthening your muscles by lifting and lowering dumbbells and barbells, but if you repeat these movements, the friction will cause a little scratching. As a result, your strength will be weaker after strength training than before, but with enough rest afterwards, your muscles will recover at an astonishing rate and faster, and your golden fibers will be better than before the workout and will also be thicker. Consequently, strength training is not very effective unless it is done with some muscle fiber damage.

By training their muscles, which makes them thicker, they are less likely to get scratched, even if they train with the same weight as before. Therefore, athletic trainers need to increase their strength training to make their wounds stronger and their muscles thicker. In addition, athletic trainers can also do “image training,” in which the workout is done by imagining with your head “what you want to be” (muscle condition). This also seems to have a significant effect. Also, try to do a balanced workout that includes not only strength training, but also running. While running, it is best to wear clothing such as running clothes and jerseys that are easy to move around in.