Basic Knowledge of Mental Training

Basic Knowledge of Mental Training

Athletic trainer advises each athlete on different training methods based on condition and condition.

Actual Training Content

Here let’s take a look at the actual training content that an athletic trainer deals with.

Mental Training.

Mental training is an area of sports psychology that is a method of psychological training used by athletes to get the best performance in actual games and improve the quality of training. In the United States, sports psychology research began around the 1920s and began in earnest in the 1970s. In addition, there is also the word that sports, golf, tennis, etc. – are actually sports that are influenced by mentality.

Today, mental training is widespread around the world and is one of the training menus of many athletes. There is growing recognition that mental training is an important workout that athletes must have in order to achieve better results.

Mental training is also very important in world-class competitions such as the Olympics, and it seems that most top level and professional athletes in every country include mental training. You could say that whether or not you can achieve your best ability in the actual game depends on how much pressure you can overcome with your regular mental training.

Also, even in normal practice, effective image training can improve the quality of practice and stadium. By the way, in Japan, it seems that the qualification “Instructor of Sports Psychological Training (Assistant)” was recognized by the Association for Sports Psychology in April 2000. Instructors who have studied sport psychology or related fields (physical education, sport science, psychology) in graduate school and have earned a master’s degree and have been certified as having sufficient actual teaching experience are tested and certified.

Teaching Content.

In mental training, the main content that is actually done is relaxation, goal setting, image training, improving concentration, positive thinking (plus thinking), psychological training (modeling), etc.

Relaxation is a training method that includes breathing and autogenic training so that you can relax, even when you are nervous.
Goal setting is to clearly define the record and time you want to achieve, understand what you have to do now to achieve it, and make a plan to achieve it.
Image training is about imagining that you are showing your best side during a match or imagining that you have succeeded.
Improving your concentration means improving your concentration through mental training and coaching for best performance in games and drills.
Positive thinking (plus thinking) is done to maximize your abilities and have a mental state in which you can play an active role in any situation.
What is mental training (simulation)? To demonstrate the best ability during the game, we do simulation training, expedition destination environment, training with a positive image that will never lose to an opponent, and demonstrate the best performance. It’s knowing how to do it.
Mental training seems to be widely used not only by athletes, but also by businessmen with their psychological approach. It is also widely used by office workers and business people. It may be a good idea to incorporate it into office workers and office ladies for business success and self-control.